Der Camping- und Ferienpark auf der Ostseeinsel Fehmarn

A new dimension of flying kites

Kite-surfing is the new and trendy sport from the USA which has also become an integral part of our beaches.

The idea is to allow yourself to be pulled out of the water while standing on special kite boards and holding onto a thirty meter long line attached to a unique kite - great speed is made even at moderate winds. Anyone interested in this sport should be physically fit and should be a good swimmer. A good practice is using a conventional dirigible kite to gain experience.

First you learn to start from out of the water. You experience the force of the kite and how to handle it by bodydrag. Later on the instructor analyses your progress. The aim is to quickly learn how to safely start and ride your kite board. At the end of the course it is possible to obtain the internationally valid VWDS-Kite Licence. It enables you to surf in all areas requiring such a licence (e.g. Wulfener Hals) and we also rent out the equipment.

Phone:  04371/ 5988

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